Harvest is a community gathering place.
A home away from home for Hunterdon families to come and relax, enjoy each other's company, receive and give individual help.

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Life Skills Programs

Our Mission

The mission of the Harvest Family Success Center is to strengthen and empower individuals and families in Hunterdon County through family-centered activities, workshops and individualized assistance to help everyone we serve reach their full potential. As a 501c3, all services provided are free of charge, offered in a warm and welcoming home environment and available to all regardless of class, race, sex, gender and sexual orientation.

Who do we help?

Any Hunterdon County resident can find family support, information and services at Harvest.

How do we help?

Through Family-centered activities,
Educational workshops, and One-on-one, hands-on life coaching and advocacy.

We provide access to resources needed to mend and maintain healthy relationships.
All programs are presented FREE of charge and can be provided in Spanish.
Babysitting is available upon request.

We Emphasize

  • Maintaining the integrity of the family
  • Enriching children’s lives by making families and the community stronger
  • Strengthening families and empowering individuals to acquire knowledge and skills to raise healthy and happy children​
  • Helping locally-based individuals become financially literate and obtain sustainable employment

The Harvest Family Success Center is administered by Prevention Resources Inc.
with funding from the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.  Harvest is open to all families

Our Family Partners

Carmel Gettings

Director & Family Partner

Claudia Roose

Bilingual Family Partner

Karen Widico


Nick Marcantuono

Family Partner

Penni Trionfo

Development, Volunteer, & Resource Coordinator