Harvest Resources

Developmental Milestones

“You can think of the developmental milestones as a checklist. They represent what an average child can do around a particular age, although this can vary from child to child, it is a great reference for parents to assess the growth of their child and keep an eye out for potential developmental issues. Awareness of developmental milestones as a parent can also help you understand and empathize with your child, making your relationship and family dynamic more successful.”

Parenting for Prevention

“Parenting is not easy.  But when children reach middle school and high school, the job becomes a whole lot harder!  As our children get older, it is no longer possible to insulate them from the negative influences of the media; peer pressure takes on a whole new dimension; and hormones wreak havoc on young bodies and emotions.  Out newly emerging young “men” and “women” pull away from us, feeling the need to be independent and “grown up”. We, on the other hand, still feel the need to continue parenting: To promote positive values, to encourage positive behavior, to nurture them, and to keep them safe.”